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Acetone in Fuels

Your mileage may vary

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Waiting for Spring: part one

Blue Illuminated Umbrella
nike moleskine:

the fad meets the brand
"The "processed book" is about content,
not technology,
and contrasts with the "primal book";
the latter is the book we all know and revere:
written by a single author
and viewed as the embodiment
of the thought of a single individual.
The processed book, on the other hand,
is what happens to the book
when it is put into a computerized,
networked environment..."

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Color by Number
for the Digital Age!

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a T-shirt blog

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a short movie by Till Nowak

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Clocky is a clock
for people who have trouble
getting out of bed.
When the snooze bar is pressed,
Clocky rolls off the table
and finds a hiding spot,
a new one every day.
by Christian Bök

‘Eunoia’ is the shortest word
in English
to contain all

five vowels,
and the word
quite literally
‘beautiful thinking’.

Web of Letters

"State of The Blogosphere, March 2005"

"We are currently seeing
about 30,000 - 40,000 new weblogs
being created each day,
depending on the day."

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jean-Luis Lebris de Kerouac

(March 12, 1922 - October 21,1969 )

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In the midst of this world
we stroll along the roof of hell
gawking at flowers
- Issa

via whiskeyriver

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by Sam Smith

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Signs of Life

Photographs of signs
that transcend their objectivity
to reveal our humanity

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an airchair
a respectful nod upper-left-wards!
this 404 needs attention

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interaktywny program
do budowy

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Intolerable Beauty
— Portraits of American Mass Consumption

is what it sounds like...

...when owls howl)

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