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and imitation learning
as the driving force
behind "the great leap forward"
in human evolution

By V.S. Ramachandran

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Wooden Houses

Lisa Robertson

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Gustave Doré Art Images

(including The Raven!)

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We do not deserve these people

Anatol Lieven reviews
The New American Militarism:
How Americans Are Seduced by War

by Andrew Bacevich

Because they are the ones who pay the price
for reckless warmongering
and geopolitical megalomania, soldiers and veterans
of the army and marine corps could become valuable allies
in the struggle to curb American imperialism,
and return America’s relationship with its military
to the old limited, rational form.
For this to happen, however,
the soldiers have to believe
that campaigns against the Iraq war,
and against current US strategy,
are anti-militarist, but not anti-military.
We have needed the military desperately on occasions in the past;
we will definitely need them again.

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_____ than a box of sloths

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Intelligent Design Xmas Cards?

via olla

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All the letters of the word
TYPEWRITER stand in the upper row.
This is believed to have helped persuade customers in shops:
a salesman would quickly type the key word and thereby
reveal the advantages of a typewriter.

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